Kevin - Branch Treasury

I want to know how the world works, in terms of economy, jobs, society and it just seemed to be anarchy in terms of how economies move forward and people got jobs and profits and all these things. When I went to my first public meeting, they just explained how the world worked, in terms of the Russian Revolution, in terms of the economy, in terms of class struggle and that's why I joined.  I got answers when I didn't get answers before.

Louie - Member

After joining the Labour party to help elect Corbyn as leader I had hope in politics for the first time. However, after seeing the labour party oust Corbyn and move to the right I realised that Labour was no longer a true left opposition to the Tories. I joined the Socialist Party to fight for Equality and in hopes of fixing the country that the Tories have broken.

Tom - Member

The 2017 election as well as learning about the achievements made by the working class after ww2 in the creation of the welfare state and NHS helped mould me into a socialist however, over the next 2 years I saw how both the tory’s and the labour right joined forces to smear Corbyn’s relatively moderate program. I was initially a member of labour because of my support of Corbyn but the events of 2019 moved me away from Labour and on my first day of university I encountered a socialist party stall and realized, I finally found a party that represented my beliefs.